We pay our partners starting at 30% for attracting new customers and 5% of all sales from those attracted customers.
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Advantages of working with us?
1) High conversion. We sell quality texts with a high conversion rate. Even simple texts give a higher conversion than 80-90% of the products through distribution or other auxiliary tools that improve conversion.

2) Quality products. We are among the few people who are professionals in our field and think not about how to earn a lot of money, but instead of how we can truly help our customers solve their problem. Fortunately, we have been very successful so far.

3) Experience. We’ve been working in our field for a long time and have gained vast experience on how to restore relationships. We will be happy to give you a consultation and will gladly give you advice on how to best market our products.

4) Honesty and openness. We are honest with our partners and are always ready to meet their needs. If you have a lot of thematic traffic or are very successful in the sales of our products, we will be happy to discuss individual commissions.

5) Transparency and effectiveness. We are honest with our customers and keep our promises and commitments.

6) A legal entity. We are officially registered and pay taxes. We are not afraid of taxes, bank transfers, etc.

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